Birth Into Darkness by W.J.R. Parks

Birth into darkness
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Can she keep the curse from taking the last of her humanity?

Raven awakens from death. Her family is dead. She is hurled into a world of vampires and hunters.

Raven’s family was celebrating her birthday. A bittersweet night as her father was soon to join the fight for the American Revolution. A knock at the door changed everything.

A group of vampire hunters come to the aid of Raven’s family attacked by one of the undead. Too little too late. James finds Raven who’s been bitten. For selfish needs, he lets the vampire curse consume her.

Raven fights to control the burning hunger for blood and save her humanity. James is cold and unsympathetic, but scared and alone, he is the only one she can rely on.

James trains Raven to hunt the undead. His only goal is revenge for his son.

Will he eventually honor the hunter duties and kill Raven?

Will Raven be able to keep the vampire curse from destroying her soul?

Raven Birth into Darkness is the first book in a dark fantasy series set against the backdrop of the American Revolution. If you like vampires and half angels combined in fast paced action, then you’ll love this series.

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