Bonding Weekend: Urban fantasy by David Raven

Bonding weekend by David raven

Atlanta rock singer Jake Reece, a struggling artist who tends bar, dreams of starting a new metal band, but his girlfriend, a fallen angel, gets him embroiled in black magic, bestows upon him a coveted amulet demons would kill for, and leaves him to sort out his newfound magical powers for himself. Enter Josephine, a doped-up violinist who seeks his help, and his magic, to escape a domineering succubus lover. Smitten, he agrees, but she soon dies from an overdose of Rapture, a demon-designed drug not meant for humans. Now Jake’s on the trail of a powerful drug lord, a bumbling drug dealer, and the succubus herself, all intent on cashing in come Bonding Weekend when goths and freaks gather for the biggest sex-rock festival ever. The quest pits Jake against a demon fiddler, a biker assassin, a rich lawyer, and evil spells his magic is ill-prepared to fight. Clues abound in seedy nightclubs and strip bars where he teams up with a threesome of sexy hunters. If they don’t stop the flow of Rapture, Bonding Weekend will prove to be more popular than Woodstock and deadlier than Jonestown.