Chains of Time by R. B. Woodstone

Chains of time
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Winner of the 2020 Chanticleer International Book Award for Paranormal Fiction!

"A strong literary fantasy novel about race, family, and time-traveling." -- 
Amara knows what's going to happen, but she doesn't know why. She wakes on her wedding day in 1859 in West Africa, suddenly able to see the future. Through visions, she sees the slaver Van Owen, who will steal her power. She sees herself as a slave on his North Carolina plantation. She sees a Harlem family more than a century in the future. She knows these people, but how? And she sees Van Owen hunting them, too. But how can she stop him if no one believes her?

Praise for CHAINS OF TIME..

"A perceptive and gripping tale of race and family."
-- Kirkus Reviews

"★★★★★ The beauty of Woodstone's prose evokes the intensity and allegorical journey that is usually reserved for literary fiction. The writing is simultaneously gorgeous, terrifying, and hopeful."
-- Readers' Favorite

"R.B. Woodstone has crafted a thoughtful, time-spanning novel that touches on family, oppression, and otherness in Chains of Time... the dramatic blend of history, tragedy, and magic pulls a reader in from the very start."
-- Self-Publishing Review

"An exceptional story that will place you in the heart and mind of each of the amazing characters. Prepare to be moved by a unique story that delves deep into the historical abuse of a people but has dynamic pockets of excitement, heartbreak, and the paranormal. Highly recommended."
-- Lesley Jones, international best-selling author

"With captivating characters on a fulfilling magical journey, Chains of Time is a strong novel that does not disappoint."

"Though the work is rooted in fantasy and magical realism, there's a highly realistic quality to the historical content and the experience of Africans in the tragedy of the slave trade. Young adult and adult readers alike can appreciate the sophistication of ideas, which are layered into a powerful storyline that blends present and past exceedingly well."
-- K.C. Finn, USA Today best-selling author and Chanticleer Book Award winner