Chaos Exulting by Brian Sherlock

Chaos exulting
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The final drops of chaos have fallen!

The year is 2062 and Lior Valero, prince of the demonic tahk-entju, holds dominance over Earth – humans are oblivious and novi have been forced into hiding to elude guaranteed death whilst the prince continues his quest for absolute rule and power.

Standing on the sidelines in a Canadian wilderness, Cassey Lawal and Dylan Strammole no longer see themselves winning the war they chose to fight – they’re done and ready to greet the demise others refuse to accept… but cracks start appearing amongst the chaos they’ve long stood against.

A girl in Berlin will accept an unwanted destiny, a new set of eyes will come into play and the prince will make strides to achieve his goals. But the enemy’s victory will only serve to produce what’s sorely needed – it will inspire an Oracle to see and a Dragonfly to command an ocean.