Chosen For Power: Hexe Volume One by Rex Baron

Chosen for power

Magic… when ruthless ambition is not enough.

Lucy has it all.

A blossoming singing career, the looks for the silent movie business, and a lover to die for.

All is unfolding swimmingly until she is confronted by a young actress who is well versed in dark magic and her sights set on stealing everything from her.

Having denied her own birthright as witchcraft, Lucy has to protect her career, relationship and ultimately, her life.

Before it’s too late.

Surrounded by a world of glamour and wooed by a leading matinee idol, Volume One: Chosen for Power follows Lucy in a sweeping tale of obsessive love, witchcraft and retribution.

This spellbinding eight-part historical fantasy drama is set in four different eras spanning the course of a century. Beginning in 1921, Hexe tracks the dark magical exploits of four women joined by the thread of destiny.