The Goliath Code by Suzanne Leonhard

Book Cover: The Goliath Code by Suzanne Leonhard

Christian religious inspirational futuristic young adult fantasy fiction

Sera is an atheist.
Micah is a prophet.
They don't belong together.
They won't survive apart.

America is a wasteland, trapped in a suffocating volcanic winter.

In Sera Donner’s isolated Pacific Northwest town, thousands are dead and hundreds are missing—including Sera’s own mother. Mysterious Micah Abrams is Sera’s only comfort in the chaos. But Micah is her twin brother’s bitter enemy and, as Sera’s town divides into a bloody civil war, she finds herself scrambling to adapt, torn between loyalty and love.

With resources running low, and neighbor turning against neighbor, a calculating military leader marches in with an imposing force, offering food, water, and promises of salvation. Sera’s town thinks the worst is over.

They’re wrong.