Call of the Dragonbonded: Book of Fire by JD Hart

Book Cover: Call of the Dragonbonded: Book of Fire by JD Hart
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Call of the Dragonbonded: Book of Fire by JD Hart

On sale for one week only! Grab a copy of the first in the amazing four-book epic adventure series "The Dragonbonded Return" before Book 2 is released on March 11, 2018.

What reviewers are saying:
"When my teenage stepdaughter and I finished reading the ERAGON series together, we were devastated it had ended. We kept searching for a similar fantasy series that would keep us equally captivated with well-drawn characters, emotional depth, an interesting coming-of-age storyline, and (of course!) dragons. Well, CALL OF THE DRAGONBONDED surpassed our expectations. We literally couldn't put the book down." (Greendancer)
"One of the few books I read without speed reading. Absolutely enjoyable." (verified customer)
"... masterfully told and engaging to the very last word. Reminded me somewhat of The Inheritance Cycle, which is one of my all-time favorites. ... I am genuinely looking forward to the continuation of this!" (Meredith Cole)
"The Call of the Dragonbonded landscape has been meticulously created, beautifully imagined and utterly believable. [The author's] created world is infused with sage advice, ancient texts, scrolls, poetry, song and mystical wisdom." (Carlos Coria)
"It is incredibly well-written .... The worldbuilding is fantastic. I love the idea of animal bonds!" (Angel Haze)