From Crystal Mountains: The Knight, The Power by Cassandra Cielo

From crystal mountains by cassandra Cielo

They’ve burned down her home. Now Haya must navigate a treacherous world to save everything she holds dear.

Having said goodbye to her old life, Haya’s real journey begins. But surviving in the snow capped mountains and wilds will test her in ways she couldn’t have prepared for. It’s not just the environment that could kill her though.

The Skithian forces are out looking for her and she’ll have to contend with slave-trading marauders on the path too. Her foes are cunning, deadly, and numerous, but Haya has been honing her gift. And she’s now committed more than ever to her mission of saving Prince Shroding.

On her adventure she’ll meet potential new allies and soldiers rallying for their cause, but can she trust them? When her foes close in, she’ll have to fight fire with fire against a cunning opponent who’s not afraid to use the most devious of tactics to end her mission. But failure is not an option–not when she realizes she’s fallen in love with the prince.

Haya’s epic fantasy story continues in From Crystal Mountains. The tension grows even hotter in this YA romance set amidst war, adventure, and peril at every turn where swords, wit, and powerful magic determine who lives and dies.