Tale of the Werewolf’s Wand by Jeremy Robertson

Dark tales from dreamland

On a full moon, Halloween night of his twelfth birthday, Arden Wonder's best friend, Happy Buckets, becomes a shape-shifter! He dramatically transforms into a silly, fun-loving, carefree, and brave werewolf. He isn't the least threatening at all. Happy the shape-shifter isn't all tamed either. The boy still has monster instincts which take over his personality. But everyone in town doesn't know it. Happy is looking for protection from his friends. There is a hunter from down under in Australia named Benjamin Boogieman, who wants to destroy the boy! Arden doesn't realize Happy is the last Nether Shape-shifter! In order to save his best friend from becoming extinct, Arden discovers a magical weapon at the Dreamporium, a place where all the cool kids, hang out, to protect Arden's friend. It's a supernatural wand that can help safeguard Happy from being trapped in his monstrosity, even without having the curse of the full moon.