The Day of Destiny by Lavinia Collins

The day of destiny

A medieval fantasy romance (The Guinevere Trilogy Book 3)

“If you like Game of Thrones you will love this gripping historical romance.” Sandra Henson

“I was completely swept up in the story. Loved the twists and turns.” Jenny Worthing

A gripping medieval romance set in King Arthur’s court

Queen Guinevere’s love for Sir Lancelot knows no bounds. But when it becomes public, King Arthur faces no choice but to have her sentenced to death. Can Lancelot save her, and if he does will it bring down the kingdom?

“If you read one historical fantasy romance, make it this one.” George Simmons

The Day of Destiny is the third title in Lavinia Collins’ best-selling highly-acclaimed trilogy telling the legend of King Arthur’s court from Queen Guinevere’s unique perspective.

Lavinia Collins is the author of three chronicles charting the lives of heroines from Arthurian Legend. The Guinevere Trilogy, of which this is the third part, is also available as a single volume on Kindle and in paperback. The Morgan Trilogy is also available in three parts, and as a collected single volume on Kindle and in paperback. Her latest novels about Morgawse are currently being published on Kindle. The first two volumes, THE EMPTY THRONE and A FRAGILE CROWN, are available to download now.


"Guinevere showed such strength during emotionally wrenching moments. She stood tall with her chin raised as a warrior Queen facing everything that came at her with power, determination and love." Amazon reviewer

"This is a sensual, beautiful, emotional retelling of the King Arthur legend. I got completely lost in medieval England and didn't want to come back." Amazon reviewer