Dragon Slayer’s Kingdom by David A. Werling

The Healer and the Crow

Dragon Slayer's kingdom

The wondrous world of Prav is torn between the machinations of the evil goddess Morfraeda, with her legions of demons and monsters, and the pernicious gods of Yav. It is world plagued by the malice of dragons, insatiable magical beasts, and the schemes of the avaricious and prideful. Goblins prowl in the wilds, secret societies vie for supremacy, and dragons struggle to reclaim their lost dominion over the mortals they hate. An unlikely duo, an assassin and her mark, are forced to confront nefarious political schemes, magical beasts, dark elves, and a nine-year-old girl who could outwit them both, in order to liberate a cursed land from the clutches of the evil dragon, Azhdaya. Tiahna de Ru’el is a hardened killer, long grown callus to an uncaring and ugly world in which the only things that matter are coin and survival. Cedrick Devoncrow is a dragon slayer, torn between the nobility demanded by his order and the birthright he secretly desires. Forsaken by the gods, Cedrick returns to his home and birthright only to find it cursed and abandoned as though it were a mirror of his very soul. Tiahna waits in plain sight to kill him, but her heart desires something else entirely. Together can they overcome the destructive habits of their hearts to find love and nobility despite their mortal foibles, or will Cedrick’s childhood home be swallowed by the abyss of hell?