The Dragon’s Breath Book by Carol Weakling

The dragons breath
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be blessed by dragons?

This brand new book by award-winning author, Carol Weakland, is perfect for your children, grandchildren, and anyone young at heart to experience the special magic that awaits inside a dragon’s breath. If you want to be blessed by dragons, THE DRAGON’S BREATH BOOK will show you how.

Inside this magical book about dragons you’ll discover:

★ How to get in touch with your own Dragon Guide.

★ How to receive the blessing of the Dragon’s Breath.

★ The perfect times to call on a dragon to assist you.

The DRAGON’S BREATH BOOK helps you and your little ones enter the magical world of dragons. Learn what masters of magic they are and how they can help you. Find out how to access their blessing through breath made of a special kind of fire that never burns. Delight in astory of nature magic that can make you feel better than ever before. If you enjoy fantasy stories about nature and magical beings like dragons, you will love this book. THE DRAGON’S BREATH BOOK will take you into their magical realm to experience their breath and blessing.

Author Carol Weakland really does lives in a fairytale cottage complete with Fairies, Dragons, and Unicorns. She is a Gatekeeper to Everything Magical! One of her previous children’s books won the COVR Silver Medal Award for Best Children's Picture Book.