Dreamland Part 1: The Fabric of Dreams by B. S. Brunswick

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A world of imagination. A child of prophecy. With evil on the horizon, can he save a wondrous land?

For as long as he can remember, Eric has always had vivid dreams. When the lines start to blur between sleep and reality, he and his parents begin a desperate hunt for answers. But after he slips into a coma, Eric enters an amazing enchanted dimension where he’s forced to fulfil an ancient destiny and defeat a nightmarish enemy.

Discovering he possesses incredible powers, Eric begins a punishing training schedule with an eccentric queen to ready himself for battle against his dangerous foe. Faced with aliens, dinosaurs, and vicious gargoyles, this young hero must master his gift quickly if he’s to defend the realm from a terrible fate.

Can Eric destroy the coming doom and rescue a kingdom of magic?

Dreamland Part 1: The Fabric of Dreams is the first awesome instalment in the Dreamland children’s chapter-book fantasy trilogy. If you or your child like memorable creatures, loveable protagonists, and imaginative settings, then you’ll love Barry S. Brunswick’s fun-filled tale.

Buy Dreamland Part 1: The Fabric of Dreams to fall into a mind-blowing adventure today!