Dreams Illuminate by Michelle Iden and Emerson Miller

Dreams Illuminate by Michelle Iden and Emerson Miller

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." --Albert Einstein

What could possible be happening to 13-year-old Emerson Hill? When she touches an index card, the first color in a rainbow (red)---she's whisked away to another domain---and given a glimpse of her first dream illuminating. She finds herself in a very hot desert having fun sand-boarding.

This mystery unfolds over three years where she touches six more cards that coordinate with the rest of the colors in a rainbow. What does a rainbow have to do with Emerson's unexpected happenings? This secret is eating at her where she has bad headaches. She knows if she tells her parents they might commit her to a psych facility. After the third incident she tells her best friend Morgann Stone.

A creature named Mondulalore follows and records Emerson's movements without her knowing. With a touch of a button he's able to become invisible. He also can morph into a human when need be. Mondulalore reports to his bosses, King London Dolloway and Queen Cortez Dolloway rulers of the Kingdom Galen. This sophisticated place is part of a faraway planet that is unknown to the whole world.

Time's ticking as EM and Morgann attempt to solve this mysterious force. They research sixteen areas in hopes of gaining clues in order to unravel this mystery. They obtain information on areas such as witches, planets, domains, realms, etc., and uncover interesting possibilities.

In the end, Emerson now a junior in high school is forced to make a difficult choice that will impact her life. Will she keep living her present life or will she have her memory erased of her past life to be handed a bright future?

Which one will she pick? Which one would you select?

This electrifying, jaw-dropping urban fantasy mystery will bedazzle you. Become a part of Emerson's magical and frightening journey.