The Accidental Archmage by Edmund A.M. Batara

Book One- Ragnarok Rising

Book Cover: The Accidental Archmage by Edmund A.M. Batara
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The Accidental Archmage Series -

An epic fantasy on another world. With a modern twist.
Immerse yourself in a grand adventure. In a strange yet familiar world. Where magic and Earth's mythological gods still exist.
Meet dokkalfr, ogres, lamias, gigas, jotnar, drakontes, trolls, vargar, naguals, vrykolakas, yahuis, minotaurs, Elder gods, to name a few.
Be entangled in the plots of Odin, Thor, Enki, Viracocha, Loki, Zeus, Athena, Ares, and other gods of myth.
Adar. An idyllic tourist destination. Extreme sports included.