Mannethorn’s Key by Simon Lindley

Book Cover: Mannethorn's Key by Simon Lindley
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Mannethorn's Key by Simon Lindley

Bartholomew Waxman is sprawled across bathroom tiles of his slum apartment, clutching a cracked toilet bowl, emptying his stomach of cheap booze.

One world’s failure is another world’s savior.

In a fantastical world, a dragon-bird flies to a wizard’s aid – a wizard who confronts his arch-enemy in a centuries-old battle to seize control of a realm. One of them will win – one will lose. But not without the presence of Bartholomew – a washed-up derivatives broker, mathematical genius, and divorced bum who finds himself plucked out of a last-ditch job interview and deposited in a purgatory-like Between where a knight with a penchant for lopping off heads is supposed to guide him to wield unspeakable power.

Join exiled dragon-lords, humble giants, impetuous warriors, slimy assassins, ribald dwarfs, and powerful men, women, and mythical creatures as they seek to redeem themselves and their world. With hungover Bart at their center, what can possibly go wrong?