The Eva Chronicles by Livia Lance

The Eva Chronicles

The Land of Eva and the elves who reside there are desperate for a savior. A half-elf princess, the last heir to the human throne of Loral, is their only hope. Read all three novels in The Eva Chronicles and follow Lana, Clay, Nym and their allies as they struggle to save the elven homeland and face a menace bent on destroying everything they love.

The Halfling Rises

Three souls will collide on the first leg of an epic journey, each holding secrets close to the chest, and when the truth finally emerges, the bonds they’ve built will face the ultimate test. Will Lana, Clay, and Nym reach the land of Eva before the magic that sustains all life fades away? Or will a betrayal cause the three to turn their backs on one another, dooming Eva for all time?

The High Priestess

A new High Priestess reigns, but the land of Eva still suffers. A necromancer thirsts for the magic of life necessary for the survival of the elves and, in fact, Eva itself.

With the human menace still looming, the elves must scramble to assemble an army and plan for the battle ahead. The trouble is, they haven't had an army since the ancient times of the First War. Their troops are assassins and spies, trained for espionage. The elves fight in the shadows and work alone, but all of that must change or the humans will be victorious and all will be lost.

Dark forces brew as Lana, Clay, Nym and some new allies work together to face their ancient foe. The humans are coming and they're bringing a new threat in their wake, an evil magic the elves have never seen before, which desires nothing more than to feed on the life of every creature in Eva.

The Second War

The elves finally have a standing army and preparations for battle are nearly complete, but they've dramatically underestimated the ferocity of their foe. It's not just humans coming to kill them and claim Eva as their own.

Though the elven people are heavily outnumbered, new allies might be able to even the odds. The mages are mysterious creatures, capable of wielding extraordinary power, but can they be trusted?

While Lana, Clay, Ellie and Nym find themselves scattered across Eva, separated by duty, they must come together one last time to end the threat from the human army once and for all.