Flash Bang: A coming of age superhero adventure by DA Kloss

Flash Bang by DA Kloss
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Track Supers and Villains. Catch them on camera. Upload to

Jake Irving isn’t what you would call a popular kid, but at least he’s smart. At the end of high school in North London, he keeps his head down and grinds through the school week, avoiding any possible social interaction with anything resembling another human being.

Jaco Lantern on the other hand, his Chaser alter-ego, is another thing entirely. Hitting the streets at night or on the weekend, he lives and breathes the near-death experience of tracking and recording the brutal power struggle between Supers and Villains.

But when his latest adventure uncovers that someone close to him is involved with the most dangerous gang in London, Jake Irving and Jaco Lantern must combine their skills or risk everything they love come crashing down.