Dreams in the Void by Jeffrey Aaron Miller

Book Cover: Dreams in the Void by Jeffrey Aaron Miller

Folklore and magic, an ancient war determines the future

A shared dream has begun to torment the people of the island nation of Tesaria, causing widespread fear and madness. Village loremasters say the dream is a bad omen, a warning of impending doom. After suffering a terrible tragedy at the hands of the king's own Elite Guard, a young man and woman, Jeren Dekembri and Aleas Theel, flee their mountain village, heading into the lowlands to find safety.

But a hateful evil has awakened in the heart of the nation, and there is no safe place left. As the dream intensifies, Jeren and Aleas find themselves at the mercy of a dark magic, struggling desperately to survive. Soon, all things will be revealed, and all beings will face the consequences of an ancient war.