Jaeth’s Eye: The Agartes Epilogues Book One by K.S. Villoso

Book Cover: Jaeth's Eye: The Agartes Epilogues Book One by K.S. Villoso
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"K.S. Villoso is a new voice in fantasy that any fan of the genre should be taking note of right now."

"[This author] uses characters like a garrote to strangle your heart."

"A rip-roaring epic adventure...the story is a rich tapestry of adventure, heartbreak, violence, and hope."

"For those who enjoy fantasy without reservations."

An epic fantasy tale from the POV of three minor characters: a run-down mercenary, a merchant, and a seamstress. The trilogy emphasizes their personal quests as they weave through a traditional fantasy plot of heroes old and new, conflict, revenge, and lost kingdoms. At the crux of it all: a creature of legend, a witch's beast, whose possession promises enough power to bring the continent to its knees.

Praised for complex character development, prose, and rich, diverse worldbuilding. A must-read for the discerning epic fantasy fan.