Little Black Stormcloud by R. A. Westbrook and S. L. Westbrook

Breath of the Titan's Book 1

Book Cover: Little Black Stormcloud by R. A. Westbrook and S. L. Westbrook
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Lovonian is a young half-dragon living in Elvenhom. His life is good, as yours would be too, if you had a dragon for a mother. But all is not well in paradise.
An uneasy peace has covered the world for a thousand years, since the end of the last Dragon War. But Gendry the Titanbringer has died, leading to the ascension of Martel.
For fear that Tyrosh, another acolyte of Gendry, will come to take his power, Martel sends metallic constructs called Titans to Elvenhom to destroy it.
Luckily Lov was out hunting with his uncle and managed to escape the attack.
Come with us on a journey to follow this young half-dragon on his mission to exact revenge on those who have destroyed his homeland.
Follow us to the heart of the Orc Lands as Lov finds an old world power to fight the Titans.

Breath of the Titans: Little Black Stormcloud by Riley A. Westbrook and Sara L. Westbrook is a story that centers around a half elf, half dragon boy who just turned 16, named Lovonian. The story begins with Lov and his uncle Nord taking their annual hunting trip. On their return to Elvenhom, they find that the city’s population has been slaughtered by an army of Titans, except for those taken as slaves, when they see the collection of ears that were chopped off. With Amon dead and his mother captured, Lov and Nord begin their quest to find his mother by seeking out Nord’s old friend Jaxon. After acquiring weapons and knowledge of their enemy, they set out to rescue Lov’s mother with the help of a fairy sent by Lov’s grandfather. From there, they encounter all kinds of adventures and creatures, while in desperate pursuit.