Gifted by Jim Ellis

Book Cover: Gifted by Jim Ellis

Andy has a gift. With a touch he can give anyone abilities. They will enjoy enhanced speed, strength, and senses, never again be sick, and be granted powers most only read or dream about. However, Marcus, leader of a gang of vampire like people, has discovered what Andy can do and will stop at nothing to capture him. While trying to escape from them, Andy meets Mike and John and gifts them. It falls upon Mike, John, and others who have been gifted to protect him from Marcus. In the process, they sharpen their talents against each other, build relationships, and prepare for what promises to be the fight of their lives.

I hope you enjoy this book, please keep in mind that it is my first one and I have not been able to have it professionally edited yet. If I can get the ratings on this book over 4.5, I will finish the second book of the series so make sure and give a good rating if you like the story!