Red Night ~ Vampire Files Trilogy #1 by RK Close

Book Cover: Red Night ~ Vampire Files Trilogy #1 by RK Close
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Samantha knows what lurks in the shadows. And now they know about her.
Samantha Chase is a young private investigator who knows how to handle herself around cheaters, liars and thieves but what about vampires? She never believed they existed until she met one.
In a chance encounter, Sam crosses paths with Adam. Everything about Adam is shrouded in mystery. He claims to be on the trail of a killer and offers Sam his protection but who is this man following her every move and haunting her dreams?
Knowing who to trust proves a greater challenge when Samantha’s attraction to her handsome neighbor begins to heat up. But Gabriel has secrets of his own and there is far more to Gabe than the unassuming college professor he claims to be. What or who is he hiding from?
Attention from both men places Samantha in the cross-hairs of a supernatural killer with a preference for young beautiful blondes. Sam is now fighting for more than just her heart. Everything she holds dear is threatened when this madman sets his sights on having her.
Who can Sam trust when nobody is what they seem?
How do you play the game when the rules keep changing?