By Way of Sight by Colton Brown

The Vanathian Chronicles

Book Cover: By Way of Sight by Colton Brown

In a world filled with myths and legends come to life, a child unlike any other is born. With eyes of azure, Hecate's sight sees all . . . even the mysterious essential energies in the universe. But as a child afflicted with loss during her twelfth year of life, she must face the challenge of surviving in the enchanted city of Atlantis without her mother, cope with her empathy, and evade the monstrous grasp of a vile woman bent on stealing her gifts.

In this fantasy novel, Norse, Greek, and Egyptian mythologies come together to create the world of Vanath. And though this culture has no recognition of this history, their past, present, and future is consumed by them.

Magic becomes an everyday part of life, though the Vanirian people refer to their crafts as ‘Spell Works’. Everything we know in our day to day lives exists in the Vanirian day to day routines; only, there’s a twist to each one. Public transportation is run by the Laviator’s Guild; mages who use their gifts to manipulate gravitational forces surrounding Laviator Discs that can carry people about the city . . . for a price of course. Make-up and beautification is known as ‘Glamour Craft’, where mages manipulate bio-matter to show off their flare; haircuts, make-up, and even drastic facial adjustments are made in this way. Atlantis’s security and public events are run through the Guard; a specialized guild of gifted warriors who channel the purity of light to protect the city from within. With limited space in this island city, mages have created a way to maximize their options. 'Dimensional Craft' used by the more powerful of the celestial gifted, and they can turn a small room into almost anything; from jungles, farms, workshops, and nearly anything their desires and needs demand.

The list continues, but if I were to give it all away here . . . well, spoilers can ruin the fun of reading.