The Sons of Animus Letum by Andrew F. Whittle

Book Cover: The Sons of Animus Letum by Andrew F. Whittle

The religions of earth have lied to us. The afterlife is not bliss. The afterlife is a tornado of war-craft, bloodshed, and perfidy. There is no Heaven. There is no Hell. There is only Animus Letum.
Beyond the scythe – on the grandest stage of moral war – light and dark are tangled. Serpents slither, dragons stalk, and by no fault of her own, a pregnant Queen has earned their ire. As the dark hands of Animus Letum start to churn fear into hate, the King of the afterlife must make a devastating choice: send his pregnant wife back to the earth realm or risk the destruction of his entire bloodline. What follows is an epic journey in which the realms of earth and Animus Letum begin to trade blows, each fighting for their cause, each trying to steer the destiny of the sons of Animus Letum.