A Game Of Gods By Sean Michael Paquet

A game of gods
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Ever since I was a child, and began reading about aliens, fantasy worlds, and magic, I always wondered what if?

What if all of those Ancient Alien conspiracies were true? If so, then where did all of those lost civilizations and colonies go after they mysteriously disappeared? What if there was a cosmic collection point somewhere out there?

So for many years, I created this world in my imagination where Vikings and Aztecs still existed. I would dream of a world where Atlantis still thrived. In my mind's eye, I would envision a world overseen by a mysterious all-powerful being who was neither living or dead, but rather a machine infused with living consciousness. My daydreams would be filled with strange quests and prehistoric animals.

As I became older, the world in my mind changed with me. The strange disappearances from Earth, combined with years of warfare made a plausible theory that Earth was in-fact doomed, and there was a race of benevolent beings who were doing everything they could to save life on Earth.

My fascination with Vikings and magic began when I started studying pagan religions. I found Norse mythology and the adventures of Viking raiders to be fascinating. I especially became engrossed in the unique magic surrounding that ancient culture.

I began writing this book in 2017. Since it's beginning, I have gone through many personal and professional trials in my life. Many of those are also reflected in this writing.

This book for me is about the pursuit of truth. It is about death and rebirth. It is about love and consequences. Mostly I wrote it because in doing so, I was able to become self-aware. I believe in Karma, and I also believe in reincarnation.

As I wrote this book, I became aware of all of the mistakes I had made in my life. The task of writing required me to take a hard look at myself because now instead of escaping reality, I was creating a reality.

I believe that this book is an insight into one possible probability out of many. In life we are presented with multiple probabilities to every situation or path. Our choices are what guide the hands of Fate. So as I finish this book and present it to the world, I know in my heart that I finally made the right choices in my life.