Goddess of Rain Jane Frkovich

Book Cover: Goddess of Rain Jane Frkovich

Since Zoe leaving high school, Zoe’s life has been going nowhere. She spends her days working at the grocery store, being friend-zoned by her fellow grocery worker Brandon Chan, and obsessively crushing on handsome and rich Colton Chase, who sometimes visits the store.

One day in line for frozen yogurt, she bumps into Colton Chase and she is thrilled to find out he knows her name. Then, she goes to the park and finds her long dead mom alive and well. It turns out her mom didn’t die but was travelling the universe with the Greek god Zeus. If her mom’s boyfriend is Zeus, then who is her mom? Zoe’s not sure if her mom was kidnapped or if she abandoned her. Her mom has returned to whisk Zoe away in Zeus’s space ship because the earth is falling apart and will soon be uninhabitable. Suddenly, Zoe is plunged into the world of lost gods.

But even while lost, the gods of Mount Olympus have been affecting the course of events for the earth. And the earth is a mess, with climate change becoming more threatening every day. Zoe has been haunted in her dreams by a man in an iron mask who she now sees is a god who is pursuing her. Zoe realizes her life and the fate of the earth have been determined by the actions of gods who are too carried away with their personal lives to care about humanity. With the earth in danger, Zoe is relieved to find Brandon has stowed away on the space ship. That’s one person saved but what about the rest? What about her crush Colton Chase?

Then Zoe’s mom disappears again. Zoe doesn’t know if she has been abandoned or if her mom has been kidnapped but she knows this: the earth is in trouble, the gods have something to do with it, and she is the only one who can see what is happening. It’s up to Zoe to fight to save the earth. To succeed, Zoe will have to come to terms with the mystery of her mother and her disappearance, escape the god who has been haunting her dreams, figure out the deal with her and Brandon, and outrun a goddess who has become her sworn enemy and will pursue her to the ends of the galaxy.