The Halfling Rises by Livia Lance

The halfling rises

Elves are dying from a mysterious plague, and the magic of their land is fading. Humans will rise up again to threaten their existence, and there is only one young woman in all the world who can hope to prevent it.

A captive princess pines for freedom, the last living heir to the highest throne in the land, and her family’s only hope to maintain dominance. Lana is too precious to endanger, but a menace within the castle plots her demise…

An elvish rogue has been sent on a mission – capture the princess and spirit her away to his homeland; a place of balance, harmony, and peace, where the laws of nature reign supreme. Clay has no suspicion of the colossal power hiding deep inside young Lana, but every moment in her presence is like a secret song whispering a promise to his heart…

Assassin, thief, mistress. Nym has many talents and many secrets. She has always followed her orders, never questioning and never failing. Could she finally find someone who would tempt her to turn her back on the elders?

Three souls will collide on the first leg of an epic journey, each holding secrets close to the chest and when the truth finally emerges, the bonds they’ve built will face the ultimate test.