Hashtag Murder by Brett Hicks

(Garda Druid Book 1)

Hashtag Murder
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Avery Parker is a young woman with a dark past, and even deeper and darker secrets. She is the only sane member left to her bloodline, aside from her kooky grandma. She moves to Northern Dublin, Ireland to escape her nightmarish past in the States.
She had finally begun to irk out a new career and is about to start her new job as a Detective at her local North Dublin Station.
All hope for a new peaceful life is shattered with the emergence of a new killer. Avery must be willing to risk more than just her life and her newly minted detective's shield. She must be willing to expose herself to the supernatural community at large if she has a single prayer of stopping this killer!

Author of Born Succubus Series, and Necro-Vamp Series.
Similar to Buffy crossed with Moonlight!