The Impailer’s Wife by Autumn Bardot

The Impailer's Wife by Autumn Bardot
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The year is 1464. King Matthias controls Hungary, his family, and the fate of the world’s most notorious political prisoner, Prince Vlad Dracula.

Ilona Szilágy, the King’s cousin, is young and ambitious. Dracula is determined to marry into the family. It is love at first sight, but the king has other plans. The Impaler Prince, however, never takes no for an answer.

Eager to become his trusted confidant, Ilona enters a treacherous world where revenge, betrayal, ambition, and passion transcend all that is sacred. And love demands the ultimate sacrifice.

Woven throughout is a peek into the life and times of one of the world’s most enigmatic and maligned rulers … the man before the legend.

“An intimate look into the life of Dracula and the fierce devotion of his soul mate” – reader

“A passionate and powerful historical novel with the rich and treacherous 1400’s as the backdrop. The infamous Vlad Dracula comes to life within the pages of this captivating story with alternating viewpoints between him and his wife, Ilona.” – Janice Boyles, author of the award-winning first book of the David saga

“beautifully told, beautifully written. A heart-wrenching read that will stay with me.” – Jess, book blogger

“The Impaler's Wife is a story that had me captivated from chapter one. The writing is excellent, and I loved the beautifully thought out, beautifully told and beautifully written story. It's a heart wrenching read that will stay with me. I simply can't get their tragic story out of my head. A story full of magic, sacrifices and love.” Konny, Goodreads reviewer

“It’s not just about vengeance and a thirst for blood. It looks at relationships and trust and examines the lengths one is willing to go to for the one they love.” - Jess, Gwyneiira’s Book Blog