The Irispire Portal by Robinson Castillo

The Irispire Portal

Ogres, vampires, and demons are looking to enslave the planet. One man stands in their way.

Earth 2502 AD. Nyyx Mara, the 523-year-old defender of the human race, has seen it all. So when he sees three bomb-toting ogres driving around in a flying delivery truck, he knows what he has to do. With the help of Azrael, his magic sword; and Astraea, his angel best friend, disposing of these monsters was easy work. Little did he know, that in doing so, he’d just pulled on a thread which could unravel the universal fabric, usher in a period of upheaval for both the material and spiritual planes, and pave the way for a marquess of hell to enslave humanity.

The Irispire Portal is a fast-paced, futuristic, urban fantasy, action adventure with heart, and an epic feel. It’s a beautiful genre-blend of urban fantasy, epic fantasy, and science fiction, mixing futuristic locales, big battles, mythological elements, and integrating them into humanity’s future history. The Irispire Portal is the first book in the series and is an exciting introduction into Robinson Castillo’s future world.