Kiran: The Warrior’s Daughter by Ellen Stellar

Kiran by Ellen Stellar

A whole planet and its savage sexist traditions won't subdue Kiran, the most reckless and freedom-loving S-class space cadet!
Kiran, a flirtatious space cadet, is planning to become one of the most successful starship captains ever. Her life is all about illicit races and gambling. After getting kidnapped, she is sent to her home planet and forced to marry the mightiest warrior by the right of the strongest.

Many girls have dreamt of becoming a princess, but being a princess of Eeristan, the khassarat of Aygor, is no fairytale. This is not about fancy dresses, diamond tiaras, and palaces. Eeristan is the land of men – the land of a strong patriarchal society where women have no rights at all.

That’s not something Kiran will ever accept.

Wanting her freedom and lifestyle back, her restless soul won't abide neither by her cruel father nor by her fiancé, no matter how difficult it might be to confront the whole planet. They might be stronger physically, but she is a cadet —and cadets never surrender! Too bad Eeristan might not survive the changes that she so strongly desires.

Kiran: The Warrior’s Daughter is the first book of the Rights of The Strong series by Ellen Stellar. Ellen is one of the most popular Russian and international fantasy and romance writers, a winner of multiple awards. In 2017, she was recognized as the Fantasy Writer of the Year. She mixes up a breathtaking narrative full of humor, adventures, wit, and grit. This is a sci-fi space opera tale with a strong female lead in a universe where you can be a captain of a spaceship and a princess of an outdated patriarchal tribe at the same time.

Take a deep breath and dive in!

A Sci-fi adventure romance by the Fantasy Writer of the Year’2017 that cannot be missed!
Kiran’s story is Hunger Games meets The Twilight Saga with sparkling humor and a sci-fi setting.