The Dim Continent: Series Finale by Jo Sparkes

The Dim Continent by Jo Sparkes

The Legend of the Gamesmen Book 3: Final Book in the Series!

The Legend of the Gamesmen

More than mere sport, the gamesmen stand for an idea. That humble men can win the day, that the lowly are not so low. That the least of men may yet succeed. This is the tale that launched the legend.

The Women of Agben use potions to heal and enhance. Now Marra knows of a third use, one that brews goo capable of detecting a prince or a potion to hide a creature’s appearance. It’s forbidden - and being wielded against Tryst’s throne.

Its key ingredient grows only on the Dim Continent.

Journeying with her mentor to this fabled place, she stumbles on another secret. Agben allows Terrin females into the order, the same hairy creatures that kidnapped a king. Now the trust that bound the two species together is rapidly corroding.

Marra doesn’t know Prince Tryst has also pursued the traitors to this wild, dangerous land. Or that Drail travels with him, to provide gamesmen cover.

In a land of strange beings and dangerous animals, the three friends must again pool their skills, this time not just to save themselves – but to save all their people. The fate of Skullan and Trumen alike depend on defeating a powerful enemy who has plotted their destruction for centuries.

The final battle looms in the evil heart of power – the Dim Continent.