Like Feathers of a Wing by Diane Olsen

Like Feathers of a Wing by Diane Olsen
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Like Feathers of a Wing, the latest installment of the Rising Wind series by author Diane Olsen, is suitable for the general reading audience. The book continues Gideon and Secora’s journey as they seek to shelter those in need, and find a source of water in the deadly heat of the desert. As their quest takes them further into inhospitable lands, they come under threat from the beasts of the wild, and the prospect of death looms closer with each step. It’s a gripping adventure filled with danger and excitement that will keep readers on the edge of their seats, but there’s something more to the work. Diane Olsen has created deep and engaging heroes who are not content to simply survive their adventure; they push forward for a better world and in doing so touch on fascinating subjects involving our relationship with and perception of the natural world. Like Feathers of a Wing grounds itself in the understanding that our world is huge, diverse, and dangerous, and that humans are simply passengers on this planet's journey. The prose is gorgeous, succeeding in making readers feel the dangers of the desert right alongside the beautiful denizens of the sand which spring to life off the page as they are encountered throughout the journey.
Experience the spiritual, social, and cultural evolution of humanity in the fourth book of the Rising Wind series. Diane Olsen demonstrates through vast research that humanity is interconnected. A treasure to celebrate, no matter what culture or faith we represent. We are as one... Like Feathers of a Wing.
Embarking on what appears to be an impossible project, the couple endeavors to struggle forward on their mission to help build shelter for the homeless and capture sustainable water in the desert.
Be mesmerized by the wide array of strange and dangerous creatures that cross Gideon and Secora’s path. Will death take one or all their treasured friends? Will anyone travel this journey unscathed?