The Lioness Diaries Book One by Iris Champion

the lioness diaries
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Abandoned by the man who was supposed to love her, Savanna is forced to start a new life with her two children. Starting over isn’t easy, especially with no money and no help. It’s even tougher when bizarre things start happening to her, like being chased by beings no one else can see.

But her life becomes even more surreal when a mysterious and sexy stranger named Rune shows up in her bedroom claiming to be her protector from an otherworldly threat. With Rune’s help, Savanna discovers she might be much more than human. In fact, she may be the only one who stands between Earth and the group of malevolent aliens that want her dead.

As the threat of attack looms, will Savanna crumble under the stress of it all or have these aliens just awakened an unstoppable beast?