Lions of Virtue: The Warrior and the Child by Aviilokin K’ishi

Lions of virtue

In the deep of the night, Na'kar finds a small flickering diamond hidden in the silvern light of the moon that he will come to know as the Seventh Tear. As he holds it a sense of an ancient solemn vow awakens from within his heart — a vow he has made before he was ever born. He begins his wandering in the wild and is soon found by the Order of Shunkaya, to whom he must fulfill this vow of long foretold prophecy. Together they must face the wrath of the Dark Arkanum and bring the Seventh Tear to the lost and hidden city of Ellaris, before the final remnant of an ancient higher race ascends from the world to leave mankind ever more vulnerable to the grasp of darkness.

Lions of Virtue is a meditative journey that reveals spiritual wisdom with every step, an expression of the Taoist way of being that the author remembers of his former lifetimes devoted to this ancient form of Chinese mysticism. This book will be appreciated by those who have an appetite for spirituality, ancientry, mythology, and poetry. The poetic metre of Lions of Virtue is inspired by the author's spiritual Stillness.

   Lions of Virtue is a contemplative vision of the mystical state of being at one with Tao, the eternal "Way" cultivated for millennia by Taoist mystics in ancient China. Rather than trying to explain the "Way that cannot be spoken", in the silent heart of the most esoteric teachings in the East, the author illustrates these ancient precepts through a fictional tale in rhythmic prose with elements of Early-modern English, a phonetic device that works well here. Lions of Virtue is also a parable for our times of the long running battle between the forces of the Dark and the Light that is now looming in our world.

— Daniel Reid, best-selling author of The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity