Loki of Midgard by Jennifer Meinking

Loki of Midgard- The Making of a Magician by Jennifer Meinking
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Living in the shadow of his warrior brother has driven Loki to an amazing discovery: a hidden portal between his own world and a more fascinating one that constantly draws him back. On Asgard, he is an almost-forgotten prince, desperate to prove himself, but on Midgard (Earth), he finds the adulation he craves as the traveling showman and magician, Lukas Black.

But living two lives becomes increasingly complicated. Several attempts on his life on Midgard and a threat to his father's throne both seem connected to the Asgardian noblewoman he is expected to marry, though he finds himself falling instead for a beautiful American singer who is promised to another.

Can Loki maintain his double life and stay a step ahead of whoever is trying to kill him? Or will the constant risk of discovery cause him to make his first mistake?

History buffs and fantasy lovers alike will find themselves captivated by each twist and turn, as Loki experiences the Roaring Twenties in some of the most famous cities on Earth, meeting some favorite characters from history and Norse mythology along the way.