The Lord of Darkness Returns by R.S. Gullett

The lord of darkness returns

In this highly anticipated sequel to The Heir Comes Forth, R. S. Gullett takes the reader back to the magical kingdom of Alethia in an immersive and gripping tale where only strength of spirit and faith can save. Twenty years have passed. The evil sorcerer Methangoth has returned, releasing an ancient evil that threatens to bring utter ruin upon Alethia. The tides of war beset the kingdom as a new generation joins with the old in order to fight this new threat. In the midst of turmoil, new deadly conspiracies and the finding of ancient magical relics place the kingdom in further peril. Following the interwoven stories of six individuals from different walks of life, they must ask themselves what a mere shopkeeper’s son and his companions can do to stem the evil tides of war. As the kingdom is torn apart, each must choose the path they will take: to seek their own selfish ends or sacrifice everything to stop the return of the Lord of Darkness.