La Lividum by Merciella Heartstorm

(The Apothecary Chronicles Book 1)

La Lividum by Merciella Heartstorm
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We have never been alone. Humanity has always had small glimpses into other worlds since the beginning of time, but in the 1600’s a catastrophe tore the veil off, and Earth has never been the same since. Humankind has had centuries now to adapt to a life where the creatures from our many cultural myths and legends are very real. Alive. Living in the same apartment complexes with us. It’s taken a while but everyone has managed to come to terms with it. Well, almost everyone…

Rumor has spread of an ancient, magical weapon resurfacing in the black market. A weapon blessed by an organization of zealots who call themselves The Pillars and owned by their prophet and hero Sir Asmir, a Knight of their order. Lost to time it was all but forgotten until one day a mysterious treasure pops up in a museum. Suddenly they are not the only ones interested.

A mysterious woman appears wherever the relic goes, and when it reaches the Dark Fey city of Arrana, tragedy strikes. Every day another woman goes missing. Baffled, police are struggling to catch a killer, reaching out to anyone who could help. When their best mages fail to make progress it seems once again, it’s time to call on the city’s resident expert on all things dark and evil.