The Lost Queen by Traci Lovelot

The lost queen
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Magic is real. So are the Fae. And they swear I'm their queen.

I’m just a misfit college student with pointed ears who ruins technology with a touch. Until my twenty-first birthday, when three seductive Fae warriors kidnap me from my party to tell me I’m so much more.

The attraction between me and my newfound royal guards is undeniable... yet also unattainable. You see, their first priority is to protect me, but they have their own secrets.

They tell me Fae magic is fading, and as their life-force falters, more Fae die every day. Only I can fix it. If only I knew how.

To top it off, they weren’t the only ones searching for me. I'm being hunted, and the enemy already killed the other heirs to the throne.

With my powerful guards by my side, it's time for me to unravel the mysteries of my past and the Fae's future... If I survive.

Note: 18+ only. Book 1 contains scenes of trauma dealt by the baddies, but no sexual violence. All intimate encounters with Glori’s consorts are consensual. Steamy group scenes in later books involve MFM, FMM, and MMFMMM.

  • Love without limits
  • Full-length novel
  • New adult romantic fantasy
  • Slow-burn (5 consorts gathered over 6 books)
  • A steamy story with substance!

The Lost Queen is book one of six in Glori’s journey from a shy college student to a Fae queen unlike any who came before.

Expect unusual shapeshifters, a different take on faerie myths, and a sheltered heroine finding her inner strength. If you enjoy slow-burn romantic tension spanning two worlds, you’ll devour Traci Lovelot’s RH series, Our Fae Queen.

What Traci’s reader team said about this debut novel:

"A must-read."

"I love The Lost Queen and I’m really excited about what’s to come."

"A breath of fresh air as the plot is original, not a repeat of common things."

"I could not stop reading it last night."

"I absolutely loved this book."

"Loved the boys and really hope that Merc comes back!"

"I finished The Lost Queen and holy cow! That ending!"

"I just read through it so fast I couldn’t put it down!"

"This series is going to rock."