Marked: The Child Doomed by Prophecy by Joshua Hedges

Marked by Joshua Hedges
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Enter the world of Haven, a world where Camelot, Atlantis, and ancient biblical cities were transplanted to save them from their fates on Earth. A world of myth, dragons, prophesy, magic, and monsters.

Ancient scripture foretells — a child will be born; he will be known by many names Marked, First of the Marked, and Doomseeker. His coming will bring chaos, ushering the world into an era of blood and fire. He will take the dark throne, and with his might, kill the Sun God, plunging Haven into night.

But there is hope.

The Doomseeker will be born with markings. Through his marks, the world will know him, so he can be killed to save Haven from his destiny.

When a righteous light mage, Warlock saves a Mayan mother in labor, he finds himself face to face with the marked child. But the innocent life of a child isn’t so easily extinguished. The Warlock makes the impossible choice to hide the marked child from the world and teach him to follow the light. With the direction of the Warlock, maybe then, the prophecies plaguing the Marked can be wrong.

Can the Marked save himself and the world from his grim destiny?

Additional Details:

Marked is an adult/young adult novel planned as the first book in a unique, epic fantasy series. The story takes place in the magical world of Haven where mages, warlocks, dragons, elves, whisps, and fairies all co-exist under the rule of an evil, near-immortal Emperor. Marked is a complex fantasy novel containing a massive story with carefully researched mythically-based cultures, magical rules, complex characters, and multi-book plots.