A Master Is Born by Evan Bollinger

a master is born
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The Seam between this world and the next, just ripped...

Nearly a millennium ago, countless necromancers of the Night Fold were banished to a realm unseen. Since then, the continent of Prim Ordal has slowly recovered, its fault-lines and fractures from the Barren Wars fading with the winds of time.

But now those times have changed

A ferocious blight has been unleashed, rapidly transforming living things everywhere into deathly perversions of themselves. As the darkness unfolds, Roscoe Coats - a hunter without a past - seeks the impossible.

A power. A mastery, foretold by legend and forgotten by man.

Now, coveted by a legion undead and surrounded by powerful magites, Roscoe must face the quest of his life. In a world where mana is feared and despised, he might just harbor the rarest of all...

The clock is ticking. The blight is spreading, the mana is mutating. As an advanced entity from the north, New Fate, tracks the developing magites at every turn, crafting its sickening scheme...

Can the young Master rise before the Nether consumes?

Or are some gifts too good to be true?