MERLIN’S CURSE by Lavinia Collins

Merlin's Curse by Lavinia Collins
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A queen or a prisoner?

Freshly widowed, with a child she can’t possibly have in safety and two grieving daughters, Igraine must negotiate the dangerous politics of a court in turmoil, unsure of if she is its new queen or a prisoner. With Uther’s promises not yet kept, and him slipping further under Merlin’s control, to protect her unborn child, her daughters and the home she has left behind, Igraine is forced to make deals with people she knows are not to be trusted.

MERLIN'S CURSE is the second book by Lavinia Collins in the Igraine Trilogy. Check out the first in the series, THE CORNISH PRINCESS, and the final book, MOTHER OF THE KING.

The Igraine Trilogy is the last in a series of four chronicles featuring the lives of legendary Arthurian women. In order of publication they are, GUINEVERE, MORGAN, and MORGAWSE. The collected versions are available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon.