Moonlight Chronicles by J. Marcell Russell

Moonlight chronicles

After the War of Scars that led to the collapse of the Tower which stood as a gateway between the Earth plane and Terrariforje, when peace between the Mundane (non-magical humans) and Mystics helped shape the world as we know it to be today. Since the collapse Mystics have been living among the Mundane in secret, fear of enslavement or death by fire for magic is illegal. However, through Mundane transgressions Mystics have thrived on the island of Les Chandeleur. Protected by a magical veil from Mundane sight where Mystics, Faye, and magical creatures live a life free from the oppression their kind faces within the Earth plane. Though that all changes when Arachno Oscuridad an Arrow on the council of the Magical Affairs receives a succession of the region of Luncasa within the Les Chandeleur sound. Arachno's obsession with collecting magical artifacts has taken a dark turn, and with darkness already lurking within the shadows of the Mundane cities, Arachno uses this opportunity for revenge.