Morgawse by Lavinia Collins

Morgawse trilogy

A young noblewoman is caught in between warring factions in dying King Uther's realm.

Wife of Lot, who is leading a rebellion against Camelot, Morgawse is sent to spy on the young King Arthur at court. Inadvertently seduced by him, Morgawse learns she will bear his child. As war rages, she keeps his true paternity a secret, and raises their lovechild as her husband's own.

Can Morgawse protect her youngest son? Who will Mordred become?

Lot is ultimately killed in battle, and Morgawse must raise her son alone and protect him from the feuding knights. She must become a ruthless and skilful operator as strong men bid for power around her. But a terrible fate awaits her - a hidden danger that comes from within.

The life of the Queen of Lothian explored for the first time in fiction in depth since Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur.

The three books collated here have been described as "stunning", "gripping", "simply beautiful" and "enthralling". Try this volume today and see what all the fuss is about!

MORGAWSE features all three books in the trilogy previously published in single volumes on Kindle, as part of Lavinia Collins' fantasy chronicles exploring the lives of Arthurian women. The full list of books is as follows:


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