I Am Not Alone In Here by Jeffrey McClain Jones

I am not alone in here by Jeffrey McClain Jones
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Alone with memories of his wife, he confronts a monstrous fear. A fear that he is actually not alone.

When a shape-shifting creature appears on his stairway, or just appears in his imagination, Mike Merriweather questions his sanity. Is he no longer alone in his house? Has his self-imposed isolation finally broken him? Or is he just a children’s book author with a very elaborate imagination?

He has been working from home for years. Living alone for the last two of those years. He jokes around with his next-door neighbor. But there are things happening in his house that he dares not share with his neighbors or family.

Does he really want to know who that monster is? Whether the beast is real? Does it matter? The monster is about fear, apparently. Maybe that’s what Mike should be dealing with.

With his sense of humor still intact, he confronts the pain of loss in the past and his fears about the future. He even discovers that not being alone can sometimes be a good thing.