Pig and Bird DREAM Like Unicorns by Donna Bardash

Pig and bird dream like unicorns

Your child will have fun learning what dreams are made of, and what dreamers are made of, and how they make their dreams come true!

In this unicorn adventure Pig and Bird wake up one morning to a big surprise. They are unicorns! Actually, a pigicorn and a birdicorn! The two pals go on a magical journey and fly with the unicorns in Unicorn Land. Later, when Pig and Bird lose their magical unicorn powers, they have to find their way home, defeated. They reflect on their magical time with the unicorns and start to dream. The two dreamers are truly a dream team! Pig and Bird get their greatest lesson in dreaming when they see Magnificorn, and hear her singing, “Dream Like a Unicorn,” a song in rhyme. They realize that they don’t have to be unicorns to make big dreams come true. They also learn how teamwork makes the dream work and now they also have their own dream building formula. Pig and Bird’s Magic Dream Formula, in rhyme, is based on a happiness mindset specific to cultivating dreams, and can be found on the last page of the book.

Your child is a natural dreamer and when given the space and encouragement to dream, can be surprised and delighted with finding dreams and making them come true. Tapping into the happiness mindset is a powerful life skill, critical to dream building and dream achieving, as it is in all pursuits and areas of life!

This book is ideal for school-aged children around the age of 5-8.