Planar Wars: Apertures (Book 1) by Edmund A.M. Batara

Planar Wars Apertures (Book 1) by Edmund A.M. Batara

A disastrous top-secret military experiment. An amateurish foray into the boundaries of cutting-edge physics and dimensional rifts.
Now, worlds and dimensions are merging and fantasy bites our reality.

Imagine suddenly waking up to a world merging with other realities. Dimensions where your sense of normalcy and way of life do not mean anything. Finding out that most modern inventions do not work anymore. Where your very flesh and bones are prized by monstrous predators and powerful beings the like you've never seen nor heard before. Worlds only whispered of in rare ancient texts and surreal pictographs.

And more realities are being forcibly brought into this plane of existence. What would you do? How will you survive?


Hello. I am Eric Weber. I am 26 years old at the time of this writing. I am with my girlfriend, Jen Stuart. It's now December 2019. I have no idea about the date. Running for your life makes you forget those things. Not that digital watches and cell phones are of any help in our situation. The assault on the town's defensive grid also brought with it that bizarre energy field which rendered modern gadgets useless. The weather outside is freezing so we're holed up in this abandoned hunting cabin and I decided to make the most of our time here by writing these notes. Or do we call them memoirs? A diary? We intend to reach another reported safe area across the border in Saskatchewan, Canada. There are other safe zones mentioned in the last report we heard but they're all too far. Hopefully, we'll make it to an existing safe zone. The list of sites was shrinking day-by-day. But the report we had was now a week old, a day before the Great Falls Defense Area fell. That's in Montana, by the way. We're lucky we got away. I really don't know if it's still valid but what other option did we have?

I am human, by the way (in case some other entity gets hold of this record). We were the dominant species on this planet until what we call the Event happened. Now, we don't know who's the top dog on this planet we call Earth.