The Pox Academy by Warren Mead

The Pox Academy by Warren Mead

(Dragon Maker Prophecy Book 1)

Heartstopper meets Harry Potter!

Jack is a typical teenager, leading a very ordinary life. But when his school is destroyed by an other-worldly creature, he finds himself thrown into a world of magic and monsters.Thousands of miles away, at the Pox Academy, Lincoln is shunned by the wizarding world and banned from using his own dark gift.

As their paths collide, the two boys must confront their inner demons and face into a battle neither is prepared for.

"Magic, demons, adventure. This novel makes a great gift for YA readers who loved the LGBT characters in Heartstopper but are crying out for a bit more Potter!"

"The Pox Academy is a thrilling debut novel. It's rare to find a set of characters that jump off the page so vividly."