Before We Die Young by L.T. Quartermaine

Book Cover: Before We Die Young by L.T. Quartermaine
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Before We Die Young by L.T. Quartermaine

*** Readers’ Favorite Book Award Winner  *** ‘Wow! Just, wow!’
Can you feel it? I mean . . . really feel it? The strength of the elephant? The majesty of the lion? The cunning of the leopard? Jon and Michelle could. Luna and Ngombe could. When evil swept across the African Savanna, shattering their lives, they had to choose between love or revenge, between the real or the magical, and between killing or being killed. The story of those choices and their extraordinary adventures with a little rhinoceros called Victor, still echoes across the great plains of Africa. So, if you feel it too, then join us and stand together with the animals in their time of greatest need. Join us . . . before we die young.

Readers’ Favorite Reviews:
‘A unique voice and prodigious talent!’
‘Completely unique in its story line, focus, and aim.’
‘Highly creative and like nothing most readers would have read before.’
‘An amazing story of courage, loyalty, compassion, and respect for all living things.’
‘An emotional roller coaster, an incredible experience.’
‘Magical and action-packed. Divinely entertaining.’
‘Exceptional blend of action and a type of magic that I haven't encountered in most speculative fiction reads.’